The Independent Artist’s Journey: Insights from Influence on Power 107.6 The Truth

The Independent Artist’s Journey: Insights from Influence on Power 107.6 The Truth

June 23, 2024 Off By TGR MEDIA


Embracing Perseverance in the Music Industry

One of the most striking themes in the conversation between Shah Cypha and Influence is the essence of perseverance. Influence doesn’t hold back on his journey—an odyssey spanning two decades in the music industry. From starting to take his craft seriously at 21, Influence, now in his forties, underscores the significance of resilience. As he aptly mentions, “when you got that fire in you and that passion inside you, it’s just.. It’s not something that dies.”

For independent artists, this persistence is a beacon of inspiration. The music industry is replete with tales of artists abandoning their dreams right before their potential breakthrough. Influence reflects on this with poignant clarity, “something that always stuck in my head is when people say that most people give up right before they break through.” This sentiment highlights the thin line between success and surrender, urging artists to push through barriers.

The discussion with Shah Cypha also reveals the broader implications of perseverance. Influence’s music journey was not devoid of pauses, driven by life’s unpredictabilities. Yet, his ability to return stronger, ready to embrace the next opportunity, speaks volumes about grit and determination. Shah Cypha’s recognition of this, “the point is, is that you keep going,” reinforces the notion that slowing down is not synonymous with quitting.

The Power of Versatility in Music

Influence’s music stands out for its versatility, a quality that’s becoming increasingly crucial in the saturated music industry. His capacity to both rap and sing brings a unique edge to his work, allowing him to craft songs that resonate on multiple levels. This duality is evident in his tracks, like the hit single “What You Deserve,” produced by Majestic Drama. Influence’s passion for versatility is clear when he says, “I can rap and I can sing,” highlighting his broad range of talents.

Versatility not only enhances an artist’s appeal but also expands their creative boundaries. Influence’s ability to oscillate between genres reflects a deep understanding of music’s universal language. He shares his perspective on the matter, stating, “it’s very important to… show versatility on the songs, giving potential fans different things to look forward to.” This ability to keep the audience guessing, eager for the next release, is a vital strategy for sustaining relevance in a rapidly evolving industry.

Moreover, Influence’s adaptability extends beyond genres. His strategic decision to record at Paramount Studios, absorbing the legacy and ambiance of icons like Michael Jackson and Tupac, enriches his creative process. Shah Cypha’s comment, “definitely worth the attention you get,” acknowledges how such wise choices amplify the artist’s output, ensuring that their music is not just heard but felt deeply.

Diversifying Passions: Beyond the Music Scene

Influence’s journey is a testament to the importance of diversification. While music remains his primary love, he’s not confined by it. His forays into modeling, acting, and tech entrepreneurship reflect a dynamic approach to personal and professional growth. Influence’s entrepreneurial spirit is captured succinctly when he says, “I got a dating app that I got being built right now,” highlighting his venture into the tech industry.

Diversification is critical for artists who wish to maintain long-term relevance and financial stability. Influence sees music as the gateway to explore and expand other interests, “music is… pretty much the vehicle that kind of gets me through the door.” This mindset aligns with the broader industry trend, where artists leverage their platforms to branch into various business ventures, ensuring multiple income streams.

Shah Cypha emphasizes this necessity, “especially in this business, you got to have multiple streams of income.” The conversation shifts to the practical side of entrepreneurship, revealing Influence’s strategic planning and market awareness. His dating app, titled “LetsHookApp,” is poised to enter a competitive space, underscoring the innovation and foresight required to succeed outside of one’s primary domain.

Influence’s approach serves as a blueprint for artists and professionals in any field. His proactive steps towards securing his future through diversification epitomize the intersection of creativity and business acumen, crucial for thriving in today’s multifaceted economy.

Recapitulating Influence’s Insightful Journey

Influence’s conversation with Shah Cypha on Power 107.6 The Truth is more than a glimpse into an artist’s life—it’s a masterclass in perseverance, versatility, and entrepreneurial spirit. His unwavering journey through the music industry, overcoming detours and embracing every opportunity, underscores the power of resilience. Influence’s ability to blend rapping and singing showcases the competitive edge of versatility, while his ventures beyond music illuminate the significance of diverse pursuits.

In a world where the music industry often focuses on fleeting fame, Influence’s story is a reminder that longevity stems from constant evolution and undying passion. His experiences and insights, shared candidly with Shah Cypha, offer valuable lessons for artists and entrepreneurs alike, as they navigate their pathways to success.