Caz Kush Talks Music, Influence, and Artistic Process on Air

Caz Kush Talks Music, Influence, and Artistic Process on Air

June 15, 2024 Off By TGR MEDIA

The Roots of Caz Kush’s Musical Journey

Caz Kush’s candid conversation with Shah Cypha on Power 107.6’s “On the Grynd Live” unveils the authentic and passionate spirit behind his music. “My name is Kaz Kush. Ca z K U S h. I’m an artist from Indiana, and my whole thing is just spreading love and light and being darkness or being light where there’s a lot of darkness,” Caz shares, elucidating his mission in the music world. Growing up in Indiana, Caz was consciously steering clear of the street life, focusing instead on music as his guiding light. “I always knew there were different ways to go about what I wanted to go about, and that’s kinda like where I got stuck at,” he explains.

The birth of Caz Kush as an artist was heavily influenced by familial ties and early exposure to music. Recalling his childhood, Caz says, “I’ve been making music for a long time. Me and my brother made a song about stuffed animals in the room when we were young, young.” His uncle’s studio served as a beacon, fostering Caz’s burgeoning passion for music and leading him to discover his admiration for Lil Wayne, who remains his favorite artist to this day.

The Self-Sufficient Musician: Mastering Production and Engineering

Caz Kush’s journey is not merely about rapping; it’s about mastering the intricacies of audio production and engineering. “Not only are you the artist, but you’re the producer. Now you’re the engineer,” Shah Cypha acknowledges. Caz’s hands-on approach to his music, from the ground up, sets him apart in the industry. He elaborates, saying, “That’s all me on the back. Like, I did every equalizer in there, did every compressor. Everything that’s in that, that was me.”

His dedication to continual improvement is evident. “I always have room for improvement, and I know I always have improvement. Like, I had to grow. I gotta keep growing,” Caz wisely notes. This dedication transcends to the very core of his music, revealing the meticulous process he follows. Whether he’s caught by inspiration while driving or meticulously working in his home studio, Caz is constantly honing his craft.

This DIY approach underscores a key lesson Caz has learned in the music business: “Good music isn’t just gonna pop. You gotta have marketing behind it.” The understanding that the music industry requires more than just talent – it demands strategic promotion and relentless effort – is crucial for up-and-coming artists.

Inspirations and Influences: The Pillars of Caz Kush’s Music

Caz Kush’s inspirations come from luminaries who embody authenticity and innovation. Besides Lil Wayne, Tyler, the Creator and Wiz Khalifa are significant influences. On Tyler, the Creator, Caz elaborates, “Tyler, the creator, is one of my biggest influences. The reason why is because he’s himself, and that’s what I’m trying to be. Ain’t no one gonna be me, and I ain’t trying to be you.”

This reverence for genuine self-expression permeates Caz’s music and persona. It is an ideology that resonates deeply within him and manifests through his creative outputs. Similarly, Wiz Khalifa’s journey played a pivotal role in Caz’s musical pursuit. “He made me get more serious with what I was going for,” Caz says, recalling the impact of Wiz’s performance of “Black and Yellow” on his budding career.

These influences are not just musical but also philosophical. They guide Caz in his mission to spread love, positivity, and authenticity. Each song, each verse, is an attempt to bring light to a world that often feels beset by darkness. “These are more, I’m trying to help you in the next person, the person next to you, just trying to be that light where there’s a lot of darkness,” Caz explains about the essence of his music.

Crafting Songs with Impact and Authenticity

Caz Kush’s creative process is as dynamic as his music itself. “Honestly, they can come whenever. I could be driving in the car and just thinking of something,” he says about his spontaneous writing moments. His adaptability and openness to inspiration allow him to create diverse and compelling music, from freestyle sessions to meticulously written tracks.

His song “Pinatas” exemplifies this multifaceted creativity. While created primarily for fun and enjoyment, it subtly introduces listeners to the depth of Caz’s artistry. “I was just in the studio having fun and just punching in,” he says about the song’s creation. Yet, Caz hints that there is more profound music in his repertoire that offers deeper insights into his persona and message.

Looking at the broader picture, Caz’s work ethic and perspective on the music industry illustrate a significant understanding of what it takes to succeed. This includes not only crafting good music but also strategically promoting it and constantly evolving. “Everything is all about improvement every single day. I’m just trying to get better, just trying to learn more techniques,” he emphasizes.

His journey underscores the importance of staying true to oneself, continually honing one’s skills, and understanding the intricate balance of creativity and business acumen in the music industry. For anyone navigating the tumultuous waters of the music world, Caz Kush’s story is a testament to the power of authenticity, dedication, and relentless pursuit of one’s passion.

In the final stretch, the themes from the conversation between Caz and Shah Cypha reflect broader implications for aspiring artists. Embracing one’s unique path, continually striving for self-improvement, and understanding the critical role of strategic marketing are vital elements of a successful music career. For audiences and fellow artists alike, Caz Kush’s story is both an inspiration and a practical guide to navigating the nuanced world of music.

Caz Kush invites listeners to engage deeply with his work and understand the profound messages within his music. “Love yourself. Love the people around you. Stay motivated, stay positive. Be light, where there’s a lot of darkness, and do amazing things, because I know you will,” he concludes, leaving an indelible